In Albania I spent a lot of time at regular intervals, and for many years perhaps my most productive years from 1994 to 2010. I had an unsuccessful business activity and a behave by some people ,and the state (courts) unbelievable UNFAIR!!.
Nevertheless, I have estimated that it is the only country of the Western Balkans that has the ability to convert the mixed  enclaves of religious competition, into societies of intercultural coexistence 
in order the whole area to have European perspective

                                                      STILL.. a wonderful interfaith coexistence

In the country have been established modern institutions from the beginning as religious freedom and in this so SENSITIVE matter for our Balkan countries , if the state succeed in the depth of time to keep the same distance from all religions, and the people continue to celebrate all together with the Religious diversity. Albania could become the bright guide for all the states in Western Balkans ,and for Cyprus too. I think that religions should NOT be a part of National Identity, because although all the paths of dogmatic religions lead to the same God, especially in Greece we have identified in our constitution as ideal of our country the orthodox Christian Byzantine dogma.
Freedom to install foreign universities ... New York University has been operating in Tirana for over ten years! While in Greece it is forbidding to be established foreign universities by our constitution,! even today!!

Bosnia Herzegovina The mistakes that were made by some Serbs in the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina have made the Bosnian Muslims who are the majority with 44% very hostile to the Bosnian Serbs,who are the 32% minority with wounds that will be kept as bad memories by the National and specially by the Religious Leaders and will not be hundreds of years enough  to be overcome!

                   From group executions (international estimation) of Muslims in Srebrenica

In Kosovo .. the Muslims(Albanians) are in a vast majority, against to the least Serbian minority, with very serious enclaves of the Ottoman Islamic tradition. There I believe that only the ethnic Albanian mother's emotion can penetrate into their social consciousness, and easily to lead the region to a European orientation and peaceful coexistence among the different religious doctrines.

The attemt of Serbs to keep the region as a Serbian province, I think it is National Logic without LOGIC.
In this case the Albanians will become more hostile to the Serbs with endless conflicts, which are NOT going to give any European direction to the region.
In my estimation should  be a good idea if the Serbs  allow Albania to go together with Kosovo.    Albania also could influence the Muslims in Bosnia and Herzegovina with whom there are family and friendships ties, in their Muslim families. With another relationship and appreciation of the Serbs against the Albanians could be improved the co-operation insteand the conflict, and will soften the injures to the Bosnian Muslim, who are particularly obliged to coexist with the Bosnian Serbs in a very significant minority in the same homeland !! with such different and hostile religious and traditions memories !!!

Allow me to explain why I go into proposals and difficult national and religious paths !!! On the Holly Monday of 1997, in a confessional, public and unique speech, I felt to be led and controlled by the spirit of Jesus, that as it was leaving left the Below Image that remained for a while in my brain during the day and while I was talking to my wife

By saying this around me as you understand, most believed that I had escaped to a religious delusion, (very logical) though my brain was working good ,creating nice and swift lyric expressions, and poetry that you can find in my poor translation into English, at Amazon bookstore, with the name. panos paliokostas

P.S. There I was forced by the system to put a price on it, in order to complete my suspension.
Now I hang  it up in my site free in my poor English,and in Greek language too, better<< combed >>I hope ... than the first edition
There, perhaps some of you will make me the honor to read it and to understand my positions.                       THANK YOU 

                                                             The cover of my book