UNITED BALKAN ? An interview with the imam from the Islamic cultural center of NY mr. Omar S.Namous

Ιn this trip, I didn't succeed to take an interview from the Greek archbishop of America .But I did with the imam of the Islamic center. If you hear this interview you will find out a thought full of love!! And please don't believe that he is just a case of polite personality, I have similar feelings for the muftis of Komotini and Xanthi (cities with Muslims in Greece) who I met a few years ago when I visited them in order to offer my book "THAT LIGHT".
Imam looked to me as he was a student of the apostle of love and work  Paul!! I suggested him to put  time in their sermon to say some good things of the Christianity, he found the idea good, and maybe would be a good idea the Christians to do the same, in order to help  people to see the good side of the opposite  religions, because unfortunately so far  we are growing up. hatting each other!!

Interview with mr. Omar S.Namous: