Parade for 25 of March in NY Could be possible to be an inter Balkan celebration?

I insist that from NY could be driven  the Balkan people to be  approached   there first and after informing their home societies to walk together step by step closer in the  indispensable friendship ,approach, and coexistence    
The 25 of March in 1821 was the beginning to overthrow the laws  of the authoritarian Islamic regime in Balkan and the start of the first influence to Balkan regions from the ideas of the enlightenment that came  from the west Europe, which supported the Greek nation up to the  Balkan wars
 In this revolution the Albanian speaking(Arvanites) had played leading role and more than other societies Albania can cooperate  through her evolving society in NY. Already in NY is edited a newspaper by them with the name ILLIRIA and only by using this name looks a turn to the classic civilization that is found diffused in the Albanian society and not only, but we must perceive it as BROTHERHOOD and not as USURPATION    
I believe that modern Turkey could select the 25 of March in the celebrations of our Balkan country and to have a presence this year in the parade in NY. Because at that historic point started the dissolution of a fanatic Islamic system which dissolution completed by  the revolution of the young Turks under the Ahmed Niyazi.    
 Kemal Ataturk participated as a young  officer at that time 24 of July in 1908 this specific date of the beginning of the young Turk revolution Could be possible in my opinion this date 24 of July to be an other inter Balkan celebration with the presence also of representatives of Greek associations and from all the other Balkan countries in NY too. This revolution started  from the Turkish army in Thessalonica and with the participation  of Christians and Jews citizens. Turkish people for first time won their first  constitution and later with the persistence of Kemal supporters they succeeded to make Turkey the first democracy in an Islamic country.  Copies of this text I am going to send to the president of the Greek federation of associations mr Elias Tsekeridis to the general secretary mr Petros Galatoulas to president of the section of of Greek studies to NYU of the Onassis  foundation  Mrs. Liana Theodoratou  tel 212 998 3990, to the president of the federation of Turkish associations mr.Ali Cinar tel.212 6827688 to the Albanian newspaper ILLYRIA to Romanian association and press I met mr  Basile and to some Greek newspapers in NY I have emails and I wish a publication. Also on the f.b. wall of mr Stavros zhongas from the association of Greek speaking south Albanians who prefer the name <<boreiohpeirotes>> I believe that special to these people as to the Muslim of Thrace,
 Bulgaria and Rhodes  and to Albanian people who grow up and work in Greece, could be the approach for them  more useful, because they will live and invest freer psychological  in the regions they were born and grew up.
 I would say to the president and to the rest of the board from the  Greek federation of associations, start an approach and if the Turks estimate it positive to be presented in our national celebration (talk to mr Cinar ) I insist that would be a historic station that will honor you personally and the federation generally.
The more important speeches I heard in the Stathakeio(building of the Greek federation)Was the one of mrs Irene Tsoukas from the club of Epirotes and an other one from mrs Liana Theodoratou from the sector of Greek studies in NYU of the foundation<< Aristotle Onassis>>. And I would whish these two so educated ladies to care for the approach because they have the prestige(if they would estimate my preposition positively as I wish for) to influence our local community and federation.