As all  Greeks I grew up angry with Turkey for the no respect   to the biggest  orthodox Christian church in Istanbul Hagia Sophia , and generally to the Byzantine culture.
Yesterday I went to the Mosque in monastiraki square in Athens, to estimate how we (the more civilized) have respected their  cultural deferens in Mosque .I saw small stores around and the minaret destroyed many years ago up to the foundation, and in his place illegal shops . In the entrance of the Mosque an employee from the Ministry of Culture, sells  tickets to see inside. Into the mosque there is an exhibition of new Creek ceramics ,because there are left only the walls without any text from its cultural past!!. . Reading the history of the mosque  I found out that there had been uses in the past with no respect, like military music rehearsals!!  and I am persuaded that at least we had a similar behave with our neighbors in Istanbul.
  In Balkan and specially in Bosnia and Herzegovina But in Albania in Kosovo, Macedonia (skopia) and in Bulgaria we have valuable presence of Muslim populations,
in minorities and in majorities, and as we will underestimate their culture, as they will be challenged to be united in opposite organizations of hate
I propose  to start an attack of love in Mmonasthraki square, by reconstructing their mosque first here in Athens the Capital city  of the international civilization? I estimate that we are going to have a better revenue. There is a verbal of the wise people <<what ever goes comes>>. And we could take back a similar behave for Agia Sofia the church in Istanbul, the other great city of cultural past of OUR  Balkan country.

Athens only with her Acropolis is representing a big portion of the international civilization. I estimate that we are driven and we HAVE.. TO degrade religious dogmatism, with basic knowing and respect of the different religious view and ritual.
A Jews association would undertake to be made in monasthraki  a simple synagogue close to the orthodox church, for Tourists who would want to watch their ritual every Saturday  and to have information by a brochure  for the history of their Passover (Easter) from Egypt to the promised land, and their story of the ten commands .
In the church of virgin  Mary every Sunday a modern orthodox association to do the same with the basic texts of Christianity    And after the reconstruction of  the Mosque to have a Muslim  ritual too, every Friday and with a brochure to inform for the basic rules  of Islam .Could be needed (maybe)some rules like no bells in Sundays, and megaphones of Islamic psalms in Fridays also no kneeling bow prays  outside of the mosque In the square.
There is also a roman library near the mosque with big free space in the foot of Acropolis, there an association of twelve gods could represent the ancient ritual and to circulate brochures in English too with the rules of the faith and the Delphic commands. In the same place and an other day could be a Buddhist ritual, and in another day an Hindu one ,and maybe in another day a  six etc. 
I estimate that when our education in all Balkan countries, could have a general information for all religions, spending teaching time as less as possible, we will be driven in a friendly cultural past, with a common future in scientist interest. I believe that an action  like this with an international campaign for awareness, could make Athens the most popular touristic destination of the planet.

the Mosque inside