Since March 1997 I started to be leaded by an <energy> to a public, in-depth, confession to the institutions, which I completed in early April, and I made it openly the Holy Monday of 1997.
 I would say that I am a hard working citizen into the free market, and I had never interests in religious worship. I felt the special experience that was with me, for a period of about forty days, the presence of the Spirit of  .JESUS !!!
Today as  I am writing this introduction, in September 1998, I still feel that my  sense and my interests have changed completely. I am convinced that my brain penetrated by some rays of light, in particular three special ordered series. I also think that it's selfish, but looks to me necessary to refer to memories of my life, because maybe some of you who have special knowledge in psychology, as scientists, maybe can give me your own interpretations to all those things, which I will gladly hear.
You will find also a particularly aggression against ecclesiastical and social institutions, which dictated to me by  this Presence, and I have  written down,  having them fresh in my memory, as I wrote in details immediately after my experience..  Giving for publishing this book, I'm sure that is the minimal response to the great honor I felt that I accepted. I also want to say that although I had never experiences and particular interest in public speeches, I am going to start with the issues that I mentioned before I made this strange speech, which I announced with posters that were posted in public places in West Attica.
Holly Monday of 1997 at 20.00,  in the temple  of Institutions   in the Municipality of  Ano Liosia, into the hall “Melina Mercouri" Main Entrance.
                                        Speaker Ekarevs
1st: Descriptions of experiences  after the civil war in Greece, and the social marginalization  of the child at that time  speaker, from the  position of persecuted communist family, proposals through the Albanian  society of the  marginalized economic refugees  in Greece to the  nation of Albania, in order to avoid  a civil  war and to begin the development.(After the collapse of pyramids in 1997 Albanian people got arms and  started fighting and shooting each other)
2nd: Ethical, social and anti-development problems from  the social phenomenon "Interpersonal Dept  Relationship " and from  confessed position, describing events of some personal experiences. Proposals in order the institutions to be interested for  making a co –operative Bank for Western Attica in  Ano Liosia, and  a small stock market  for lighting funds in order to be done  modern socialized S.A companies
3rd: Suggestion to the craftsmen of the wider region to create a democratic association, to increase strength with maximum participation for meaningful social volume, requiring modernization of the state bureaucracy, and decentralization of institutions, particularly with informing by a newspaper the great unappreciated sister majority of industrial workers, for joining forces and defense against the obvious injustice against them, from the floppy organized social groups. At the end of the speech will be distributed forms with proposals for participation  in establishing by the speaker a Greek-Albanian interests SA company , and a minimum participation of the municipality for moral cover, and open for participation to all  craftsmen of the region, with an initial capital illuminator the branch of the National bank in Ano Liosia
Will be sitting in the First row: Representatives of the Albanian society, simple People or institutions man, relatives, representative of  the mayor, former workers-benefactors of the speaker. Second row: Businessmen, friends and craftsmen from the wider area. Next rows: Municipal Council men and every one interested to hear.  Duration of the speech hour.   Everyone is invited

P.S Since then I stared to improve my English and education.. PLEASE ACCEPT MY TRANSLATION!!