Why the two cultures that dominated for nearly two millennia, in the cradle of civilizations Balkans and the Middle East can not be merged, and even coexisted !! ..

         Byzantine army            Ottoman army

The Romans who became later Byzantines were VERY hard to impose the monotheistic faith of  Jews with the Christian doctrine that they chose, and it tooks to them one thousand of years after it's selection as an official religion, to make it the only creed and dogma in the Byzantine Empire. In many cases, by fire and sword against the  prevailing Ancient Greek and Roman deities.Considering it as UNIQUE priority, they closed the Plato's Academy, destroyed the library of Alexandria, They also closed the Ancient Olympia  and imposed by force the old Jewish tradition and the orthodox Trinitarian Christian faith.

Muslims especially the Arabs of + -800 periond ,created the school of wisdom in Baghdad where they preserved and translated in the Arabic language  the great Greek classics,and later ,by translations from Arabic into Latin  the Planet path was launched  to the Renaissance .
The school of wisdom destroyed (around 1250) by the Mongols.
The Ottoman Muslims appeared in the early 13th century as a small group and began to flank the religionists monastery Byzantium, starting from the region of Bursa.   In the areas they occupied. they showed a great tolerance for religious diversity .    In 1453 they took the capital of Byzantium Constantinople, and  in their climax later approached the Vienna. The theocratic and authoritarian  status of them,in comparing  with the new west status of enlightenment, democracy and the industrial revolution... was far behid !! , then  the Ottoman Empire. became the great vast patient.
In the new West created the need for routing of Balkan people  in various ethnic groups.
In our region instead of classical  was chosen  the Byzantine Greece, which was based on the Orthodox Christian tradition, that  had respectfully protected under Ottoman domination.
The wars of independence in Balkans created intense hatred between the Christian and Muslim populations,with purges against Muslim citizens,in the territories wehere the revolution prevailed, and reprisals with purges by the Ottomans in the territories that they controled.. The emergence of the Young Turks and their revolution, brought an effort for interior modernization in the Otoman empire .
The leader who became known Kemal Ataturk passed strictly the western culture and alphabet, in the remaining Ottoman empire, and tried  by persecution or exchanging  Christian people with muslims,  to do the same that  the new Byzadin Greek state did . ONE COUNTRY ONE (fortunately less powerfull) RELIGION and created  the new Turkey.

                  Ancient monuments  in Bitola Skopje (Spring 2015)

Is there any  spear that could make  the people of Balkans to be together? I think that there is and it is the strongest.  It is the classical great ancient Greek civilization. I think that in any state that is  appeared, to be supported by the other Balkan people and states.  I observed such a move lately in Skopje,with statues and shields of the great Alexander and his father Philip.. and looks to be accepted by the Christian and the Muslim community..
 I believe that the ministries and the people of the neighboring countries must interpret this as a proposal for a joint common culture, and not as an usurpation of culture, that belongs only to one side .

                                                                     Illyrian army


The effort of Turkey at this time to display the Ottoman spear like a hyphen  one, because of  the older coexistence of religious diversity, it is difficult today after religious purges that were done in the recent past, by the Orthodox Christians against Muslims, and retaliation by the Ottomans in Turkey against Christian.

In Turkey should be good  to be found  the spiritual and political forces, which will display and propose new standards instead of the Ottomans or Byzadines, to be proposed the Homer of Troy, the Democritus of Thrace and special the Father of science Thales of Miletus.

In this case we (the new Byzantins) should not be seen these as a usurpation of our culture, but  as an extension of this great classical civilization that can hold  and unite us all.

panos Paliokostas