Ladies and Gentlemen. It is a long story with our mother land of civilization middle east and Balkan that I am going to describe in a short. Actually I am not a professor in history or in religions, but for personal reasons, I am trying to learn more and more, about the humans civilization, and specially about our mother land of civilizations, middle east and Balkan. And for the same personal reasons I am working with propositions for our area, that look so big, But if you the Balkan and middle east Americans decide to make it reality, you can make it easy I am sure. Maybe you do not know the power and respect that you have in your home land ,and believe me, if you make a united federation here, and you arrange to meet each other some times a year, and you believe to this, it is going to be the start for another United states, with the same and why not better values and constitution. If you make this federation, and then you organize a voice ,or to send this voice through this mixed organization in any country of this area, with the same purpose TO BE UNITED .

It is the only way to make peace and future to our home land, with a new state at least similar to the USA. I wrote some ideas in my little magazine<> and I thank anyone who will take one and put some time to read them. It is six pages texts in Greek language, and a poor translation in English by myself. Thanks to the improvement of the internet access , every one today who wants to find out what ever could be easy for him, after some work of course. Here I am one of them who love to work, as no professional professor, to try to prove that there are the needed serious ties, in our place to be a united one . I have to start from middle east, because over there in Egypt and Mesopotamia started the first civilization, and was the first center where people at that time 3.000 years b.c and then, went to admire the center of the known world, to find what was new, to take it back to their country , and some went to suggest their new ideas. It was the first state where was established first the monotheistic religion, having the SUN as one and the only one God. The pharaoh Akhenaten from 1364 up to 1347 b.c abolished the rest Gods and established the monotheistic faith as the only one in Egypt ,Making very unhappy of course the strong cleric society. Akhenaten's religions ideas did not survive his death. 

To restore the moral of the nation, Akhenaten successor Tutankhamen appeased the offended gods, and restored the previous religious system. It was not easy to be against the cleric power from that time, they used their influence to paralyze the country, and even today I think the more difficult step for a state is to ignore the power of clerics, special in our land of civilizations, although I believe that it is the more important change we have to do. There are real important personalities in to religions institutions too, but we have to turn their offer as teachers in the schools to teach the history of philosophy, and all religions, or to serve in associations for all people, instead of being fanatical leaders of different monotheistic dogmas and traditions, supporting authorities with so old institutions ,and I am sure that many of them dispute some, of their dogmatic traditions. At the time of monotheism in Egypt the Jews were slaves there, and when they were saved by their exodus under the leading of their prophet Moses it was in 1313 or 12 b.c. only 35 years after the abolition of the monotheism in Egypt. In their way to the promise land, the one God gave them through Moses the 10 commands and having always in their minds that they are the chosen people, and with their unique solidarity, and their talent in business , they succeeded to make the monotheistic faith through it's evolution to Christianity and Islam, to be the strongest faith in the world. Although they do not explain to us the shape of God, It looks that the idea of Akhenaten with only one God, in the hands of the Jews people found it's great destination. I am keeping this from middle east to go in Balkan history and to come back in middle east later with the Arabs. It is well known that from the evolution of Pelasgians who came down from the north of today Greece, the more important civilization in Balkan appeared first in the west land of today Turkey Ionia, in the beginning .We can find there the Homer poesy. Then from the same place appeared the Thales of Miletus in the 6thcentury who made the first big step, starting to look for explanation about the universe with out using the mythology ! And he first visited Egypt and calculated the height of Pyramids That (with out using mythology) was followed by his student Anaximander and the rest pre-Socratic philosophers and it was the biggest achievement for the human beings and their future . Pythagoras visited Egypt too. From Ionians the civilization moved to Athens. We can find the first democracy by Pericles there then Socrates and his students. Plato and Aristotle developed the first schools in Planet. first the academy of Plato and later the lyceum of Aristotle. These works are looked as the top of the civilization in Balkan. 

Then Alexander the great moved this civilization to the rest of the known world. After the death of Alexander, his fast growing empire separated to his Generals, and was easy captured by the rising strongly young nation of Romans. But even the Romans with a very organized state and army didn't survive very long. The Jews monotheistic religion Christianity, through the students of Jesus appeared to paralyze the Empire in the beginning, and to win at the end, turning the Romans civilization to Byzantine empire, through the east Roman General Konstantin, who established Christianity as the official religion of the empire, and consecrated the cross as the symbol of Christianity. Then the mythology which was excluded by Thales and the rest classics as an explanation of the creation of universe, appeared in a different way by the Byzantine Christianity, and was transferred to Europe too with the same explanation, that was written at the Jews old testament . That God made the earth first and then the sky, and then the sun to be turned around the earth, simple explanation that started to be under doubt after 1500 a.c so late! putting in danger the life of the scientist who decided to dispute the tradition of the old testament, like Galileo 1564 up to 1642. The life of original Jews in all these years was unbelievable difficult, they were prosecuted all the time. 

The powerful Christian Church informed the Christian community that they were just the descendants of Judas, who betrayed Jesus for money, and the only job they let them to do, was to lend money, having form this job to conscience of the society, as similar to Judas work Thanks to the appear of Islam at that time Mohamed who died at 632 a.c left a serious will to his followers Saying In the first years after 800 inaugurated in Baghdad the house of wisdom by Caliph Harum-al-Rasid, and completed by his son the famous All-Mamun who loved fanatically Aristotle and scientist. All Kindi was the first scholar there, who organized the translation from all the languages which had serious texts, Chinese, Persian, Indians. From our Balkan culture he translated, Pythagoras, Plato, Aristotle, Hippocrates, and Euclid. At that time of Christian darkness, the Islam saved and improved the texts of our old classics promoting a long line of scientists, and philosophers, up to one of the greatest Averroes who died at 1198a.c . Averroes Made a dissertation of the Aristotle works and translated all his work, and in many of his works analyzed them adding his descriptions too . After his death looked to be about the end of the Arabic Philosophers, with the decline of their empire . All these Arabic works and translations of Athenians classics, influenced Jews and Europeans for new views even in Religions .The great Jew philosopher Moses Maimonides who appeared in similar ages with Averroes. He was born in Cordova and worked mostly in Cairo as a ravine and doctor. As a ravine tried to put new codes in Torah after the influence he took from Averroes and Aristotle, as a doctor wrote the famous book Medical Aphorism .He inaugurated a new era for Jew thinkers. After these two Great philosophers another period appeared in Spain and south Italy where the Arabic language was used for years, many translations from Arabic to Latin were found. It is worthy to mention here the biggest translator from Arabic to Latin Gerard of Cremona 1114-1187. His work was found in abandoned libraries of Toledo after the decline of Arab sovereignty in Spain. At the same time in some monasteries and schools in Italy too, appeared straight translations from Greek texts through Byzantine translators. As a result a large influence of the ancient classics established in Italy in the beginning, starting to cultivate the people minds for the coming renaissance . 


The monetary system started to be involved with the better at the time organized bank of the Medici house .The Medici bank who started in Florence after 1400 and became for tree centuries the biggest bank in Europe. It was the first bank who used the double entry bookkeeping system. They were sponsors of the Michel Angelo the sculptor of the naked David, and the polymath Leonardo Davinci .From that time and then, looked from backstage to play the first role in the conformation of politics in Italy and France . The same family later produced four of the catholic church Popes from 1513 up to 1610 .And two Queens in France from 1547 up to 1610. This family looked to have played the more important role in the evolution of renaissance in Florence and the enlightenment era in Paris ,the rest became automatically by the industry revolution in England and the free institutions that inaugurated in USA with freedom in speech and religions . I have to mention here and some positive work that made the philosophy of Karl Marx and the revolution in Russia, where the religions were considered as the opium of the masses, and was by force and blood forbidden by the revolution.. The communist system had stayed on the Darwin theory too, who inaugurated the biology, who appeared in a similar time with Marx. The communists had done some successful steps in the heavy industry , in the improvement of scientist, the equality of women, in the education and health of the people, but they stayed back because the state cannot produce as the private do, they didn't have rules for normal succession, and the more important, they had no freedom. The discrimination and by force pushing the Jews in the lending business, made them the most experienced, and the creators of the economic institutions, and look right now that banking system is the best and fast working institution, which offered to us the new era after the renaissance, with many products, creating all the time new ones. These economic scientist and institution have to be taught at the schools, from the primary classes, to learn the students as the more serious lesson, what the stock market and the money market is, or real estate and business are. I think that I found some ties, and we can find many to believe that in the mother land of civilization we are brothers, as was Aristotle with Averroes and Maimonides with Averroes and Aristotle.. I suggest to start from today the representatives who came tonight to make this mixed federation and to send an invitation to all Arabic countries including Israel, and the orthodox Christian countries including Russia. If we can choose a view for new U.S. in our area we can dream for something better even from USA . As we could be a younger nation, that has united roots so strong, through the centuries of our long history of civilization