The Turkish government is thought to restore injustice of properties that had lost by old times for Greeks too, it looks to me very POSITIVE but DIFFICULT in practice. 
 A polite relative found us who has Turkish identity, whom her Greek mother had married an Armenian and we are co-owned. And here we are . With a bus that  leaves Larissa station in the center of Athens  at 5 pm and you wake up in the morning in TAKSIM   the old city of Istanbul,something like constitution square or monastiraki in Athens.
In the bus that owned by the Turkish company Deryas, has nothing to do with ours Busses  with headphones, music, movies and service, as if we are on an airplane!!, and the price just 100 euro round trip  ... Bravo the Turks I thought. In proxy the official translator was the priest Father Nicholas, who runs a church in downtown TAKSIM... the holy  Trinity, civilized as all the priests should be into the city, with a swit  and a small goatee. .In The top point of TAKSIM is this church that still works !! And came to me a thought since what I learned in the school, that they are barbarians and persecutors agains other religions!!, are not civilized like us!!.
Did you see we the civilized, the Mosque in Monastiraki <<shines>> with captured smuggled shops operating on the ground floor, even wooden sex vibrations you can buy!!.Hei we are not uncivilized ,what do you think we are not like them, we respect foreign tradition and faith,. we have been exporting culture we are not like them! 
The lawyer in the City very polite when we finished with the power of Authority, I told him a joke -<<when we will get the money we could invest together in the important need, trash to  energy>>.
I  believe that we will not take any money , but I said it as a joke and I laughed loudly.
We have plants like that here  the translator replied, and I thought that she did not understand the question, and I laughed into my self and I said to me,  we are Europeans and we have not, and will have these uncivilized. 
My wife and her brother infront of the holy trinity church, in TAKSIM

After we lit a candle (that tradition still likes me ) in the church, that is  open all the time in the center of TAKSIM!! We ate at a restaurant where we found similar rates of todays  prices in Greece.Then the next day at noon we took the road back. Watching from the bus outside passing through  the modern city, I became astonished skyscrapers,shopping centers,and residential complexes unbelievable nice !!, Years ago I had made some imports from there and I met their processing in shoe industry, with huge exports to Arab countries, and I became astonished too!! Hey these uncivilized left us behind them I thought.
It started been  dark night, as usually I slept on Bus, the next morning I woke up at Inofyta the Industrial area just before Athens.Years ago in that Industrial area was full of liveliness and productivity. Now looked as a bombed city, abandoned industrial plants , on some of them with old writing, for rent, or  available for rent and selling, looking  at these <<big>>properties I was thinking how they will be received taxes from that <<big property.>>
I  saw only  a polished tax Authority, and a Piraeus bank, it started catching me depression thinking that from a hundred factories, left about ten, by whom we will collect taxes,and to whom we will lend!!
Arriving home I turned on the TV to see the news with the new government in Greece, in a show one journalist, had first invited the new labor minister, and he asked him some question like  what will happen with the control of labor violations, the Minister said that he will increase the body of inspectors and with repeated checks will crack the violations in employment.
Courage mr.Minister have been left very few,you would beat them easily, will not stay none of the bloodthirsty employers, they only know how to work, nor to protest they do not know, you will find them there to work until night, dirty and working hard,go  to eliminate them.... these greedy people. We do not need them we will take all factories under public control in order to make them healthy, as we had done in 1981, and we grew up their debts to the sky, and we sold them after years for a penny . without taking a lesson after that, how useful are our craftsmen !!!      COURAGE COURAGE Mr. Minister few left we will melt them !!

For my curiosity I serch in Internet  W.t .E plants in Turkey and I found huge factories!! with Swedish technology!!
 Eventually maybe the opposite is true, they are developed and we are underdeveloped; .... I apologize to those who don't like to see any mistakes in themselves, and in their country ..... but this is the truth in my view.

Panos Paliokostas

About the comparison of the church of the Holy Trinity in TAKSIM, and the mosque in Monastiraki I suggest and I will try to convince the Greek society .  The Mosque to be repaired and instead of being a house of worship to become Library keeping works by Arab philosophers, who have  translated our Balkan  classics, also to host interfaith Congresses for understanding different religions, and lectures in direction to change the education system everywhere in Balkans, and instead of competitive dogmas in regions, to be taught  the basics of all  religions and philosophy. .For The shops that operate in the mosque to find a place to gather all them together, and  to offer voludary the cultural places they use , and we to advertice their offer, so they will work better in their new place.
Then to promote the project internationally, that will certainly bring tourists, Congresses,lectures and investments, from Turkey and from other rich Arab countries,and not only.