On 21/7/2016 I went in Istanbul ,in case I would take an interview from the grand mufti of the city, I had with me the questions which I had stored in a USB ,for wich I was looking unsuccessfully for several hours to  find it in Athens to print them out, But I found it VERY EASY !!   in Tirana where I passed before to Istanbul and I print them there..
November 2012 from the interview I got from the director of the Islamic center in NY Mufti omar S Namous

IIn September 2012 I had spent several months in NY and I had  the fortunate to take an interview from the grand mufti there  

From our Dimitrios I was not even accepted by his environment ( although from  the previous year I had left my book

INow in Istanbul as I  passed  by the Grand Mufti I left the questions in English to his environment in order to see them  and to estimate  if he was interested to answer ,

Walking from Suleiman mosque to grand Muftia (opposite)  

The next trip as I went there again with my friend Erdogan we met the secretary of the grand mufti  and he sent to me two young  students, the Husein  Bulsa and Senet Lenigun with very good English.and I made them friends in The FB. They gave me an email of Mr. Mustafa Mozkan a perfect speaking English person,  and  I sent him my questions in case that the mufti would like to answer, and to have only  to get a photo with him  as we have been  taught for interviews, by our teacher of journalism Nikos Theodorakis at the free seminars of journalism  In the neighborhood of Plato academy, I was enrolled too.
It looks that my questions are very difficult to be answered without the approval of other muftis in Turkey. Then I will real appreciate those of you, who will make me the honor to read the questions( proposals), for which I believe that have to be used in our region, as necessary (in my estimation), in order to have a coexistence.

1)      I think that our area needs peace-respect- and love between all religions do you plan to work for this? 
2)      I saw you ones With the pope praying together would you do the same with the Patriarch (if he agrees),ones here, and an other there?
It looks that they pray... to the same God!!

3)      Could you  with the Patriarch encourage the simple people Christians and Muslims  to celebrate(in common tradition) together in each other religion celebration?
4)      Why do not often bare in Public, to support  these ideas together with your friend pope and the Patriarch. 

The pope with the grand mufti 

5)      Mostly it looks very important today to start this in Cyprus what do you think?
6)      I believe that is good the municipalities in Cyprus  to invite people to celebrate together if that happens will you support? 
7)      How easy could be to take out codes of both religions  that excommunicate people who saw respect to other religions too? 
8)      Every body believes that the God is the same for all the people and  for all the dogmas… why we don’t follow this path. 
9)      Because Islam has taken the last message from God I believe that has the duty to lead in this idea. what do you believe ? 
10)  In Doha by the interfaith org. there, are acting often interfaith meetings have you ever gone there to promote this idea?

One of the many interfaith meetings in Doha

11)  Maybe could be a good idea here in Istanbul to be made an inter Balkan interfaith org. Will you support an idea like that? 
12)  In that case will you lead to be made  meetings some times a year only with muftis and priests from Balkan talking and voting to support ideas for coexisting? 

I believe that the more serious question is the no 7) ...Not to be excommunication for believers who show the same respect to different religion dogmas. I also believe that the political leaders of Balkan middle east and Russia have to <<persuade>>the churches and Mosques to implement such a religious antiracists rules

Panos Paliokostas (ekarevs)