MAP OF QATAR

                                                THE SKYSCRAPERS IN DOHA

QATAR  is the richest country on the planet, with the annual income of it's citizens
  at least double from the USA one. It has more than 2 million people and  besides the so important INTRFAITH center, has also the very  well known in the world AL JAZEERA NEWS.
From Easter 1997 the Emir of Qatar gave the land, license,and not only , to the Patriarchate  of Ierosalym to built in Doha the church of St. George and  Issac the Syrian.

    THE CHURCH OUTSIDE                                            AND INSIDE 

The Church covers the religious needs of Orthodox Christians who are working in the country, and also is the seat of the patriarchate of Qatar.

                                                             INTERFAITH  INITIATIVES

Since 2003 the Emir inaugurated a conference for Interfaith dialogue in Doha with the participation of academics and priests, and it is going on every year by making a big conference, and also makes programs for young people in the direction of mutual understanding and coexisting .    
In 2010 he built an interfaith building

                                        THE DICID INTERFAITH BUILDING IN DOHA 


Since what I read in the newspapers of September 2016 two billion euros!! which are waiting permissions to be invested in the land, and in a smal island that he bought, impact on the claims of the Zakynthos church that appeared after he bought the land in the northern Zakynthos, and impact also on bureaucratic confrontings of the Greek state which is proved that it is under control of the church!! should it be?
If this great investor despaired and he stops caring for the future of the Patriarchate in  Qatar, for which he made so much effort, probably we will give him the name of <<unfair>>  persecutor of Christianity !!!
I would recommend to episcope of Zaklynthos to offer the land that he claims,and to leave free the Emir to complete his investments,and for his offer to ask for a land in Doha to make a church, of a saind that he wished to be done in QATAR
 Also to be present in the inauguration of a  mosque, if the Emir chooses to do it inside of his investment  in Zakynthos.Because if you accept something, you have to offer something too. Otherwise  rather you are  the unfair 

To start coming turists of such a high income, and to have an area to cover the  religious tradition of their faith, as the people and the state of Qatar have done for the Christians in Qatar !!.

 Panos Paliokostas