It is so much the material  of every religious doctrine and the miracles which can grow up with new analyzes of "saints" and new miracles, which the newcomer Clergyman even if he reads in his whole life could be informed about  the half of them!! The Jewish faith tells by ISAIAH  that the Messiah (great prophet ) will be a Jew and is expected, to come when the wolves will sleep with the sheeps...
Absolute peace

..                                        Multicultural contacts ...  I wish and efforts

The Christian side says that the Messiah came and is Jesus, and he is not a simple prophet, but he is God's own son, and he participates in the God's entity in 1/3, as it was written by the Romans-Byzantines about 300 years after Jesus. With an INDISPUTABLE DOGMA.
Our Muslims as offspring also of Abraham (Impraim)  say that God is alone without partners, and that Muhammad is the last of the prophets, and that everyone must embrace Islam..
It is excessive!!,but it could be considered by all , that Muhammad is a prophet of the same God.
All three religions are with the same culture <you are with us, otherwise contempt and outside of the pen>you are not entitled to challenge even a dot from the "sacred" tradition.
The priests as guardians of the flock invite you to confess dogmatic details, and with fanatical care they  exaggerate the opponent's  mistakes and crimes  in the depths of the history  , preserving by this the TRADITION OF HATE . Such as the Crusaders' crimes against Muslims, or the genocides of Christians and Muslims, particularly in the Balkans, during the transformation of the Ottoman Empire in new states?
Of course, the doctrines are very hard in their internal rules too, so if a clergyman  thinks of something different and  says that in public, is taking the risk of going out of the pen, as a devotee of Satan  and he is losing his food too.  Then the  only ones who could bring peace are the heads of the churches. And in every meeting that thanks God they started  to have, to  begin with small steps of approach.

                                     Popes with Grand muftis in meetings 

Like not to be believed that is against to the rules,if Christians go in the mosques if it happens to be with Muslim companions ,or if they just have the desire to do so, and the opposite Muslims to churches or in synagogues,and Jews in churches and Mosques . To be done something like this,however, it MUST be said from the lips of the pope, the patriarch, the grand Mufti , or the grand rabbi and to force the lowest clergymen, to report to all temples from all sides, that something new started,  and someone with a different faith  and tradition can keep it , but at the same time to respect and coexist in an other tradition".     And any one to encourage his own believers to do the same.    Leaving unquestioning the dogmatism that is producing fanaticism.
The themes I am touching are so rooted in people's tradition,that  for some fanatical priests and not only, it could be  considered  even  as blasphemy !!!

Then  I am going  to  explain why it is impossible for me not to try.

Before  orthodox  Easter of 1997, as I was preparing for my first time a public speech from a difficult moral position which I made the holy orthodox Monday  I felt the holiest in my tradition (CHRISTIAN)  metaphysical visit and influence!!!
As this influence was leaving me a few days after the end of my speech, was created in my brain the
Below picture while I was discussing with my wife, that at least then and for a long time after
I considered with fanaticism that it was sent by God !

If anyone wants to read details of my reactions for some years after the creating of the image until I made the first publication of my book, he can search for it with my own poor translation in English, in Amazon's own publications looking for my name     Panos Paliokostas


                   The cover of the book as seen in the AMAZON bookstore under my name 
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